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Frequent Guest Program

Looking for a great deal?

Purchase our Frequent Guest Program and get 3 two-night stays:

  • 2 night stay in Summer: June-September AND
  • 2 night stay in Fall/Winter: October-February AND
  • 2 night stay in Spring: March-May


We pay the 11.8% tax as well, making this deal just $550 –only $92 dollars a night!
The Frequent Guest Program is valid one year from your first stay.

For more information on our Frequent Guest Pass give us a call at 503-368-1001 or email us at spindrift.innkeeper@gmail.com

We apologize that the Frequent Guest Program can no longer be used for Holidays or combined with other specials.


Call 503-368-1001 or Email us at spindrift.innkeeper@